Bad Dad’s 992 Floorboards

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Enhance your riding comfort and style with Bad Dad’s 992 Floorboards.

Bad Dad 992 Floorboards group

Bad Dad’s custom floorboards are CNC machined from 6061 aircraft grade billet aluminum and are available in black powdercoat & chrome. These great floorboards include all necessary mounting hardware and are finished with a custom cut rubber insert for a comfortable ride. Matching passenger boards , shift pegs, brake pedal, and shift linkage are also available to complete this custom look.

See all of Bad Dad’s custom floorboards at or by calling 260-407-2000. All of Bad Dad’s custom billet parts are proudly milled in the USA.

California: Governor has Until Sunday, October 11, to Consider Two Anti-Gun Bills

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Two outstanding anti-gun bills remain that Governor Brown has to make a decision on by Sunday, October 11. Please contact Governor Brown TODAY and urge him to VETO these unwarranted bills. Let the Governor know that these bills would do nothing to address crime and that they would only impact law-abiding gun owners.


Listed below are some arguments against each of these bills: 

Assembly Bill 1134 would increase the red tape and costs associated with issuing CCW permits and make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to apply for CCW permits, while doing nothing to reduce crime.

Senate Bill 707 would lead to the unjust prosecution of otherwise law-abiding firearm owners.  It is a solution in search of a problem.  SB 707 is yet another misguided bill that only impacts law-abiding CCW permit holders while doing nothing to reduce crime.

Don’t forget to forward this alert to your family, friends, and fellow gun-owners and sportsmen urging them to also contact Governor Brown and to respectfully ask him to VETO AB 1134 and SB 707.

Bikernet Baggers Rides Cross-Country with Mighty NY Myke

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The Harley-Davidson Dealer Show ends with a ride for about 150 or so dealers from all over the world who sign up. My wife, Petrina, rode her Street Glide, and I got a new 2016 Limited from the show in Las Vegas and we rode to Durango, Colorado and the Four Corners, then to Vail, Colorado, and then back to San Diego, California.

After we kicked of the riding season with a great and fast ride to ROLLING THUNDER, in Washington, DC, with my friend Robert Patrick, and then continued with a ride to Austin, Texas, for the Peace, Love, and Happiness Ride. We didn’t stop there but rode to Sturgis and another Peace, Love, and Happiness Ride. You would have thought Petrina and I would have closed the book on the riding season of 2015, right…wrong! Red more.

So you want to make your Vegas 8-ball more like an Indian Larry Chopper?

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Sooooo Elisa Seeger, owner of Indian Larry Motorcycles in Brooklyn New York, has invited me to their September 19th annual block party in honor of Larry. I can’t go. However since I’m a fan of Larry and have been writing a serialized sci-fi book called ‘BORDERLAND BIKER in memory of Indian Larry and Doo Wop music’ for Bikernet Magazine, I decide to honor him by making two changes on my Victory Vegas 8-Ball. Hey, what can I say; from following the teachings of Jesus to buying Gene Autry lunch boxes folks have for thousands of years found ways to be more like the people they respect. Read more.

’47 Knucklehead Barn Find Goes For $40,000 At Auction In Canada

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A 1947 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead recently emerged from a cottage garage in Haviland Shores, Canada—a true barn find.

20151008 Harley Knucklehead SUBMITTED


“Barn finds have more appeal than a restored bike or car. If an old Corvette was found in a barn it is worth a lot more than one at your neighbour’s that he spent $30,000 to restore,” says Auctioneer Vernon Bailey. “There’s an aura about this bike. There was just over 7,000 of them built,” he said.

The Knucklehead design was discontinued after 1947, making this model among the most desirable.

The item didn’t go up for bids because Ontario’s Public Guardian and Trustee — who were conducting the auction — were hesitant to sell the item with no ownership papers.

Bailey said in 1947 people didn’t worry as much about ownership papers.

“[The Public Guardian and Trustee] were convinced after speaking to nieces and nephews and neighbours that the owner was the legitimate owner of the bike,” added Bailey.

Police were called during the sale because so many cars were parked on both sides of the road during the auction, said Bailey.

He weeded out some low phone bids before Saturday’s auction because he had a verified email bid for $15,000.

“I had guys call from southern Ontario asking what I thought it would go for and I said ‘I know it will do over $15,000.’ They said ‘Oh, it will never do that. It will cost $18,000 to restore,’ and I said, ‘Everybody is telling me it’s not going to be restored.’”

“I think it also seems to be a craze that we’re in right now because a lot of cars are not being restored. If someone were to find a 1957 Chevy right now — all dull and a bit of rust on the chrome — that’s probably the way they would drive it,” said Bailey.

When bids hit $22,000 there were eight bidders left in person and by phone — and a whole crowd of on-lookers.

“In my business in Northern Ontario — we’re not talking about California or Arizona where a lot of that stuff might be discovered — to think it was found in a little garage in Haviland Shores…” said Bailey.

Once the hammer fell the final bid was $40,000, sold to a phone bidder in British Columbia.

“After 30 years this is like my Stanley Cup,” said Bailey.

As he was finalizing the sale over the phone, one of the unsuccessful bidders inquired how the winner was going to have the bike shipped.

Bailey said the unsuccessful bidder — who had brought his own equipment to safely ship the bike — offered to crate it up and send it out west even though he did not win the auction.

“It’s just kind of the trust between Harley collectors and auctioneers in our crowd,” said Bailey.

Deal Of Week — Ride With Keanu Reeves On Your New Arch Motorcycle

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Don’t come complaining that we never steer you toward a great deal… You can now buy a super cool KRGT-W by Arch Motorcycle Co. you get to ride it alongside Keanu Reeves and his partner and co-owner of Arch Motorcycle Co., Gard Hollinger. You will find that in the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.

Only three of the KRGT-W bikes by Arch Motorcycle Co. are available, and they are bundled with a two-day coastal California tour with Reeves and Arch co-owner Gard Hollinger. The bike and ride cost $150,000.

“For Neiman Marcus, we added performance enhancements, so it’s got a sportier frame, engine and suspension,” Reeves explained.

The model is based on a bike that Reeves helped design for himself over five years with Hollinger.

Glancing around the room at the other unique offerings, Reeves described the scene as “pretty amazing.”

The Gauntlet Fairing

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The Memphis Shades Gauntlet fairing features club-bike styling with more wind protection than you’d expect. The smooth, clean lines channel the air, while the frontal area is sufficient to provide full torso coverage when rolling up the miles.

One-piece Lucite construction features a machined groove to outline the windshield, and a black Class-A finish that looks great as is or can be easily painted. Applications are model specific and feature patented Trigger-Lock hardware, made of electrocoated aluminum in polished or black, with stainless steel fasteners. Very popular with the Dyna crowd, and a perfect fit for the Sportster.

The Gauntlet Fairing is road ready and street worthy.



Küryakyn L.E.D. Saddlebag Extensions for Victory

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Küryakyn offers the industry’s first and only available saddlebag extensions with integrated L.E.D. functionality for Victory models.

Küryakyn’s L.E.D. Saddlebag Extensions provide a clean and affordable stretched saddlebag appearance with the benefit of additional full-time L.E.D. running lights. The red lenses with high-output L.E.D.’s provide greater rider visibility and are styled to match the factory rear lighting found on Victory baggers. The housings feature a wraparound design that offers a sleek custom appearance to complement OEM trim while maintaining ample ground and muffler clearance. Installation requires no drilling and features hassle-free plug-and-play wiring.


Available in chrome or gloss black finishes, Küryakyn L.E.D. Saddlebag Extensions fit ’10-’16 Cross Country, Cross Country Tour and Magnum models, ’10-’14 Cross Roads models with hard saddlebags, and ’12-’13 Hard Ball models.

(NOTE: Will also install with Victory Hard Bag Saddlebag Bottom Rails, not recommended for use with aftermarket mufflers with larger diameter than stock.)

P/N 7170 – Chrome, P/N 7171 Gloss Black (coming soon) MSRP: $269.99