HedLED Next Generation For 7-inch Headlights

By October 21, 2013General Posts


Rivera Primo offers these Phase 2 HedLED™ 7″ Headlamp (1116-0200) with integrated turn signals. How cool is this? They retail for $282.57 and will basically on anything that uses a 7″ headlamp. Here’s what Rivera-Primo’s Ben Kudon has to say about them: “This has got to be one of the best products we have ever created or damn close to it. Basically, there are a few all LED headlamps out there and they all look like something out of a Star Wars movie. We wanted a 7″ headlamp that looked normal, even old skool if you will. Something that would look great on a 2014 touring model or a 1950 Panhead FL or anything in between. And what the hell ever happened to real glass???


7 headlamp on bike

We also wanted the light to outshine all others, both in design and actual light pointed down the road. A headlamp that would draw less current then a incandescant lamp so it would work great both on an older charging system or a new high output sytem. A headlamp that would incorporate our signature LED turn signals with a ultra bright LED high & low beam and all under glass..not plastic. And we wanted it to be AFFORDABLE!!!