Australia: Ban On Motorcycles Riding In Groups

By October 8, 2013General Posts

Three or more motorcycles riding together will face police scrutiny regardless of whether they belong to an outlaw gang under new laws going to State Cabinet today.

The move has angered recreational bikers, who have branded them “ridiculous”.

frAttorney-General Jarrod Bleijie yesterday confirmed that riders would not have to be wearing club colors to warrant police attention if they were in groups of three or more riders.

But only members of criminal motorcycle gangs would face prosecution under the laws which will make it an offence for them to gather in groups.

Mr Bleijie said the legislation would help put an end to bikies’ “annual runs”.

“There’s the old saying about power in numbers and these criminal motorcycle gangs try to use their numbers to strike fear in the community,” he said.

“Limiting their ability to ride in big groups would make running their criminal enterprises more difficult and it would help prevent the kind of mass intimidation we saw at Broadbeach. It would also ease the disruption they cause during their annual runs.”

The draft laws are also expected to include laws to allow police to stop, search and photograph anyone in bikie colors.

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